Canon pixma mx492 setup wirelessly

In this article, we have explained the simple and easy process to configure Canon pixma MX492 printer settings for Windows and Mac OS.

First of all, you need to know how to set up the Canon MX492 printer with a WiFi network. The requirements for this are listed below:

Wi-Fi routers

Desktop or laptop computer with Windows or Mac operating system

Reliable and working network connection

Once you are done with the above in USA/Canada. things, you can proceed with the Canon MX492 wireless setup process.

Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup – Connecting to Router

Follow the instructions below to set up the Canon Pixma MX492 wirelessly:

First, turn on the printer and close all unwanted applications.

Now go to your printer’s menu option and press setup option (A) on your printer.

Use the left/right triangular arrows (B) on the Select Wireless LAN Settings > screen, then press the OK button. Then select the Other configuration option and click on the OK button. Now select the WiFi configuration and press OK. It will ask you for your network key. Here you have to enter your key (WLAN credentials) and press OK.

Finally, your Canon Pixma MX492 printer is now successfully connected to the wireless network.

In the following section you can refer to the Canon mx492 wireless setup process for Windows and Mac operating systems and instructions for installing and configuring the driver.

Canon Pixma MX492 wireless setup on Windows OS

Before starting the driver installation, make sure that the computer and the printer are connected to the same WiFi network (steps explained in the previous section).

Follow the instructions provided to connect the printer to your Windows PC.

First, make sure your printer, PC, and router are turned on.

Now connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network by following the steps given in the last section.

Then visit the Canon website to download the printer driver.

Once downloaded, double-click the file and complete the installation process.

Also, open the “Control Panel” from the “Run” dialog (it can be opened by pressing the “Windows” key + “R” key).

Once Control Panel opens, click Devices and Printers.

Now on the next page, click on the “Add Printer” option.

Then select your Canon mx492 printer from the list of available printers and wait for a few seconds. Finally, your Canon mx492 printer will appear in the Device and Printer section with a green checkmark.

The Canon Pixma mx492 wireless setup in USA/Canada process is now complete for your Windows PC. You can now make a test print.

Steps for wired connection

With a wired connection, you don’t need to connect the printer to your wireless network. Follow these steps:

First, turn on your printer and Windows PC

Connect the printer and PC with the USB cable.

After that, press Windows + R to open the run box. Then type “Control Panel” and press “OK”.

Now go to the Devices and Printers option and select Add Printer.

Here, select your Canon printer from the list of printers displayed.

Then wait a few seconds and the printer installation will be complete.

Canon Pixma MX492 wireless setup for MAC OS

Follow the steps below to setup the wireless connection of Canon mx492 printer in Mac OS.

In the first step turn on your Mac PC, your printer and your router.

Then connect the printer to your WiFi network (steps mentioned earlier in this article).

Also, open the Canon website and download the driver for your compatible Mac OS.

Then double-click the downloaded .dmg file to open it and complete the driver installation.

After that, press the “Apple menu” and click on “System and Settings”.

Now on the next screen select the “Printers and Scanners” option.

Then, on the next screen, select the “+” sign in the lower left corner. Now select your printer from the drop down list. Wait a moment until the connection is established successfully.

Finally, you are in USA/Canada now ready to use your printer as the setup of your Canon mx492 wireless printer on MAC is complete.

last words-

The steps in this article will help you set up your Canon Pixma MX492 wireless printer for Windows and Mac OS.

If you still can’t set up your printer, feel free to contact us via our live chat.

Canon pixma mx492 setup wirelessly in USA/Canada.

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