Why Is My HP Printer Showing Offline Status – Get Solutions

  1. To troubleshoot an external HP printer, make sure the printer is set to “Set as Default Printer”.
    If your HP printer keeps shutting down with Windows 10 or other operating systems, use the following steps to resolve these issues.
    • Press the Windows key and type run. In the dialog box, type Control Panel and click OK.

• Click Devices and Printers and see if your HP printer is listed. If the printer has a green check mark, it means that the printer is set as a printer.

• Alternatively, right-click the printer and select Set as default printer.

• The printer works properly and there are no problems with printing without printing on HP printers.

  1. Make sure “Use printer offline” is not selected.
    If Use Offline Printer is selected, the HP Mobile Printer will be disabled. Therefore, the user must ensure that this option is not selected. How to adjust this setting:
    Select the Start menu and click Settings.
    • Tap Devices > Printers & Scanners.

• Select the HP printer from the list of printers and right-click it.
• Then open “Use printer offline” from the menu. Your desktop printer is connected to the Internet.

Availability – HP official website

  1. Check the printer driver. Remove and update older versions.
    HP printers often show an offline error if the printer driver is old or corrupted. To update and reinstall drivers in Windows, follow these steps:
    • Go to Windows search and search for “users”.

• Expand the Printers tab.

• On the Advanced tab, find your printer type, right-click it, and click Update Driver.

• Press Auto Search and wait for the printer to update. After completing this process, restart your computer.
• If you reinstalled the driver, go to Control Panel and click Uninstall a program to uninstall the current HP printer driver. Then download and install the HP printer driver from the HP website. Learn more about this option.
After performing the troubleshooting steps above, this issue should not reoccur when your HP Windows 10 printer or other operating system crashes.
This problem cannot be solved. Go to the printer.
diagnostic imaging device

  1. Check the printer settings
    When the printer driver is disabled, the HP printer displays an error message. To work around this issue, follow these steps:
    • First, open the Run dialog box, type “Services.msc” and click OK.

• Now find the item “Buffer Buffer” in the list.

Right-click and select Stop to stop publishing router services.

• Next, click the address bar in Windows Explorer, type C:\WindowsSystem32SpoolPrinter and click OK.
• Now delete all files in the printers folder and clear the print queue.
• Then return to Print Spooler, right click and select Start to restart the Print Spooler service.

• Finally restart your computer and printer and “HP Printer Offline” will disappear.
These steps will help you switch your HP printer from Internet to Internet on Windows 10 or other operating systems.

  1. Another important reason why HP printers appear online.
    If your HP printer reports a power failure, always consider the following:
    • When connecting wirelessly, always make sure the printer and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Click here for more information on connecting your HP printer wirelessly.
    • After installing the HP printer, always restart the system to save the HP printer settings.

• Paper jams, low ink, power switch, conflicts are some of the reasons why the machine doesn’t work.

  1. If the HP printer is offline, check the wireless connection.
    In some cases, HP printers remain disconnected in Windows 10 due to poor connection. To fix it, follow below steps – .
    • Ensure that both ends of the USB cable are securely connected to the printer and computer. If you have a wireless connection, make sure it’s connected to the printer and router.

• Also make sure that the power cord is not damaged or cut, and that it is properly connected to the printer and power cord.

  1. Is the HP printer always online? Check for network connection errors
    Sometimes there are situations where the HP printer does not support networking.
    • One of the main reasons why the printer is not working is Wi-Fi connection problem.

• Another common reason for disconnecting an HP printer from the network is because the laptop or desktop computer’s IP address is not set correctly.

This will result in a “Printer Line Error” error message. Follow these steps to ensure your IP address is set correctly:
• Open the HP configuration screen.
Go to the “Network” settings section.
• Select an IP address from the drop-down list.
Click manual setup and enter the correct IP address.
These steps will allow you to fix the incorrect IP address error.
Finally –
To avoid the “HP Printer Offline” error, you need to ensure that all printer drivers are properly installed and updated. System settings and printer drivers are updated to eliminate potential errors when using the printer.

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