Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide

In this article, we explain how to troubleshoot Brother printers so that you can easily fix Brother printer driver and other software or hardware related errors.

Brother printer troubleshooting

We have listed some helpful troubleshooting tips for your Brother printer. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Brother printer.

1. Make sure your printer is “Set as Default Printer”

It is important to set the printer in USA/Canada as the “Default Printer”. To reset the printer to its default state, follow the steps below in the Brother printers troubleshooting guide.

First, open the Run dialog from the system search bar and type “Control Panel”.

After opening the Control Panel, select the Devices and Printers option.

On the next screen, select your Brother printer, right-click it and hit the “Set as default printer” option.

Once you have followed the steps above and you see a green check under your printer icon, your Brother printer troubleshooting guide is complete as your printer is now set as the default printer.

2. Update outdated drivers from Brother in USA/Canada Driver Easy Applications

If the printer driver is outdated or faulty, errors can occur, e.g. For example, not printing or being offline. These errors can be easily fixed by following the steps below:

First, open the run box in the Windows search bar, type “devmgmt.msc” in the search box and press Enter.

Next, locate and expand the printer dialog or print queue in Windows Device Manager. Then right click the mouse to update the driver software.

Now click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

Then the Windows administrator automatically detects and updates the printer driver.

Also follow the onscreen instructions to complete the driver update.

Important Note: If the correct driver is already installed on your device, the system will notify you automatically.

3. Check Printer Spooler Error – Clear Print Queue

The print queue allows your computer to easily communicate with the printer and manage print jobs in the queue. If the printer cannot accept any of the print commands because the print job is stuck in the queue, it displays the “Print Spooler Error” message. Follow the instructions below to fix this error:

First close the whole program, e.g. B. the word or something else you want to print with the printer.

Then go to the “Start” button > type “Administrative Tools” > then click “Services”.

After that, scroll down to the “Print Spooler” option and right-click “Stop”.

Then go to “My Computer” and double click on “Local Disk C”.

`System32` > `spool` > `Printers` on my computer.

Delete all print jobs in this folder by selecting all files in the printers folder.

Now go back to “Services” and locate “Print Spooler” and right click on it. After that, select the “Start” or “Restart” option.

Now try printing a test page as resetting the print queue may have fixed the Brother printer error.

Now finally the Brother printer spooler troubleshooting is complete.

4. Make sure offline status is not enabled

Make sure your printer’s status is not marked offline; Otherwise, an error may be generated.

It’s easy to do by following these steps:

Follow the 5 simple steps below to disable the offline printing feature:

First go to the “Device and Printer” section of the “Control Panel”.

Then go to “Printer Properties” by right-clicking the in USA/Canada printer list in the “Devices and Printers” section.

Now the next step is to right click on the printer and select the “See what it prints” option.

Now select “Printers” and make sure “Use printer offline” is checked. If so, disable this option.

Save the edit and exit.

Enter a print command to check if there is a related Brother printer offline status is resolved or not.

5. Check your Brother printer’s network settings.

If you can’t print, make sure your printer is connected to the Internet.

If your printer is wireless, make sure it’s connected to the correct network connection and not a shared wireless connection. To do this, you can refer to the steps of “How to connect a Brother printer to WiFi” here.

For a wired printer, verify that the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the designated Ethernet port. Also, make sure the cable you’re using isn’t damaged or broken.


The above instructions help you fixed the printer error. However, it is important that you follow the troubleshooting steps carefully to fix printing errors. For further assistance, you can contact us via the chat that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide in USA/Canada.

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