Configuring Epson Connect using the Setup Utility

In this article, we explain “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” for your machine.

Procedure for Epson Printer Setup Utility

Follow the steps below to enable “Epson Connect Setup Utility” on your device.

First, make sure your printer (product) is set up with a wireless/Ethernet connection.

Now download and install Epson Printer Setup Utility in USA/Canada.

Then accept the “End User License Agreement” and click Next.

Then click Configure and then click Done.

In the next window that appears, select > your product or model number and click “Next”.

Touch the check mark circle to select the Printer Registration option, then click Next.

Select the option in I agree > click Next.

When the Register your printer with Epson Connect message appears, click OK immediately.

Do one of the following:

If you are a new user, create an account by filling out the “Create Epson Connect Account” form, then click the “Finish” button.

However, if you already have an account, select the “I already have an account” option.

After that, click on the Add a new printer option and enter all the required details. After that, select the “Add” option by clicking on it.

Now click the Close button to complete the installation of Epson Printer Connection Setup Utility.

Easy to learn steps – Epson Connect in USA/Canada.

Logging into your Epson Connect account is a very simple process. Check out the following steps here:

First, open your web browser.

Go to the Sign In to Epson Connect page.

Here, enter your username and password in the appropriate field, then click the “Sign In” button to access your “Epson Connect Account”.

Furthermore, you can save your data if your browser requires it.

Conclusion –

So, in this article, we have explained the very easy process of “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” for desktops and laptops. Then follow these steps to get your solution in USA/Canada.

Comments: This is not Epson’s official site and the information provided here is for informational purposes only. To view our full disclaimer, please visit our Disclaimer page.

Configuring Epson Connect using the Setup Utility in USA/Canada.

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