Canon Printer Reset Settings

Methods to reset the Canon printer to its original settings

Please follow all the below-given steps carefully to get the solution of How to reset Canon printer to factory defaults / process.

• Look for the Settings option on your Canon printer. Now use the arrow keys on your printer to navigate to “Device Settings”. Then press the “OK” button.

• Use the arrow keys to click on the “Reset Settings” option again and press “OK”. Select the “Reset All” option and press “OK”. 

Then select “Yes”.

 Finally, press the “OK” button again to complete the process in USA/Canada.

After resetting, remember to set up the printer again for future use. How to factory reset Canon printer by power reset?

Since many printers lack a reset button, users can opt for the following method on how to reset their Canon printer:

• First turn off the printer.

 Now remove the power cord as well. Make sure the printer has been completely disconnected from all power sources.

• Now you have to wait 30 seconds.

• Now reconnect the cable to the power in USA/Canada supply and connect it to the printer.

• Turn on the printer.

This quick fix should answer your Canon printer reset question. However, if the problem persists, try one of the methods listed below.

How do you reset a Canon printer using the power buttons?

Also, this method does not require any software to complete the Canon printer factory reset/default settings process. The steps are:

• Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your computer in USA/Canada.

• Now switch off the printer by pressing the “Power” button. Then press the “Stop” button for two seconds.

While pressing the “stop” button, also hold down the power button for two seconds. Now take your hands off the stop button.

• Hold down the “Power” button again and press the “Stop” button five times.

Release the “Power” button.

Now your printer will enter restart state and the screen will be blank. Also, wait a few seconds for the reset to reset the Canon printer to its default settings. When it stops making noise, just press the “Power” button and the printer will restart.

That’s it, now the steps are complete. The Canon printer restarted successfully.

How to hard reset Canon printer?

A hard reset returns the printer to its default settings. Just follow these steps:

• Press and hold the “Stop” button and wait for the printer alarm to sound.

• Then press the “Start” button 19 more times.

• The printer has been reset to the default settings.

• Uninstall all printer drivers from computers.

• Finally, install all current drivers on your computer.

Conclusion –

Here are some of the simple processes you can use to reset your Canon printer and PIXMA printer. Please follow the steps carefully to complete the process of How to Reset Canon Printer to Default/Factory Settings without further trouble.

Canon Printer Reset Settings in USA/Canada.

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