A step-by-step guide to installing HP printer drivers

Hello to all technicians! With this letter, we come to a detailed guide to printer drivers. This article describes procedures for installing Hewlett Packard (hp) printer drivers. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the HP printer driver installation process on desktop, Windows 10, Mac and also the printer driver installation process without using CD. A lot of useful information here. Stay tuned so you don’t miss anything!

Hewlett Packard, an American brand of printers founded in 1984, has become well known in the printing market and has been around for a long time. Its high demand is due to its competitive prices and a wide range of models, personal, shared, virtual and 3D, to meet the needs of customers. Because the registry is mainly for the printer driver. Let’s take some time to understand its importance and usefulness.

What is an HP printer driver and why do we need it?

A printer driver, also known as a “print processor”, is actually software that helps your computer convert print data into a format that the printer can easily understand. The real purpose of these printer drivers is to allow applications to print without knowing the technical details of each printer model.

Let’s start the discussion on installing the HP printer driver by installing the HP printer driver on the desktop.

The HP Desktop Printer Driver Download and Installation Process

Download printer driver

First, open the HP website and click on the “Support and Drivers” link and select the “Drivers and Software” navigation link.

Now click on the ‘Printer & All-In-One’ option under the product category and enter the product number in the space provided or select ‘Printer’ from the navigation menu. Carefully select the printer name from the product list.

Now click “Download drivers and software” in the navigation menu. Carefully review available driver options. Select the desired option and click the Download button.

Finally, click “Save” and select the “Browse” option to choose a location to save the file. Then click “Save” to download the printer driver.

Install the HP Printer Driver

First, locate the downloaded driver folder that you saved in the previous steps. Double click on this file to start the installation process.

If you are asked to approve the installation process, click OK and Next to accept the default installation path and launch the installation wizard.

In this step, choose recommended installation or custom installation. The recommended installation version installs all the components the user needs. While custom installation, as the name suggests, allowed the user to select the desired options. Then click “Install” and “Finish” when the process is complete.

Note: Some drivers may not be available for download. In this case, it is best to contact HP support for the installation CD version.

Installing the HP printer driver without using the installation CD/CD

What if you bought a used printer in good condition at a good price and did not receive an installation disc with it, or did not receive an installation disc with a printer you just bought? You can even install a printer driver for your printer! Below is a quick guide to help you.


To download and install the HP printer driver, download the setup file from the official HP website and connect the printer using a compatible USB cable.

Make sure your computer is in good condition. Run the setup file to activate the setup wizard.

Once you recognize the printer name in the options, carefully follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process.

It’s time to do a test print.

Follow these steps to manually install the HP printer driver.

First, select the “Add Printer” option on your Windows computer.

Be sure to download the printer application and configuration file. Then connect the USB cable to the printer.

Now unzip the software folder in your window.

Select a location and select the “Extract Here” option.

Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Then make a test print.

Installing the HP printer driver for Windows 10

Let’s walk through the step by step process of installing a printer driver for Windows 10 computers for users. But first, note the necessary prerequisites.

Conditions to be fulfilled

Make sure the HP printer is turned on.

The presence of a USB cable less than 3 meters long.

Connect the USB cable to the display’s USB port.

If you have already connected the USB cable to your computer before installation, remove the printer from the installed device to ensure a successful installation.


First, disconnect the printer cable from the computer. Do not reconnect the cable until prompted during the installation process.

Now locate the Devices option in Windows and select Drivers and Printers from the Control Panel.

Here, right-click on the icon of the printer model you want to use and select the Uninstall device option. If the provided screen shows multiple icons for the same printer, click on them and delete them all. Then close the Devices and Printers window to proceed to the next step.

Now visit the official HP website and follow the on-screen instructions after entering the printer model number.

Now select the option “HP Customer Support – Download Software and Drivers” and proceed to the next step.

Now go to the “Let’s identify your product first” page, click “Printer” and enter your model number. Then click Submit.

If you want to change your operating system, click the Change button and select your version.

Now go to “Driver” and click “Download” to get the complete package. However, to install drivers such as HP Printer Assistant, select the Essential Drivers option.

Select the USB option when prompted on the screen and proceed to the last step.

Now run a print, scan, or fax test to see if the printer is working.

Now let’s understand the procedure to install the HP printer driver on Mac.

Installing the HP printer driver on a Mac

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