Wireless configuration 123 hp com oj6950 on Windows and Mac

Steps to connect your Officejet Pro 6950 through your wireless router

Follow these quick steps to set up your HP Officejet Pro 6950 wireless printer with a Wi-Fi router.

Before starting the process, the user should make sure that the printer and the WiFi network are turned on and that the router has the WPS button.

Now go to the printer touch screen to select the setup menu

Select Network > tap the option to select Wi-Fi wizard

You will then see the list of available WiFi networks.

Choose the name of your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password or WPA key.

Then your printer will connect to the wireless network in a minute or two.

If you still can’t fix the problem, run our Check Printer diagnostic tool.

HP Officejet 6950 Wireless Setup in Windows – 123 HP com oj6950

Steps to connect Officejet pro 6950 to Windows Wireless

Carefully read the procedural steps to connect your HP Officejet Pro 6950 to Windows wireless setup.

First, turn on the printer and connect it to your wireless router as mentioned in the first section above.

Visit https://123.hp.com/in/en/devices/OJ6950 to download the printer driver.

Open the downloaded driver file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup installation process.

Now open “Control Panel” from Windows search option and then select “Devices and Printers” option.

Then click on the “Add a printer” option in the upper right corner of the new window.

In the new window that appears, click the “Next” button.

Congratulations, your HP Officejet Pro 6950 printer is now connected to Windows via 123 hp com oj6950. Configuring HP Officejet 6950 Wireless on MAC – 123 HP com oj6950

Steps to connect the Officejet 6950 wireless printer to a MAC

Follow the steps to set up the HP Officejet 6950 wirelessly on Mac.

First turn on the printer and wireless router and make sure they are connected to the same network.

Go ahead and connect the printer to your wireless router by following the steps given in the first section above.

Download the latest printer driver by visiting https://123.hp.com/in/en/devices/OJ6950.

Then finish installing the HP printer driver on your Mac.

From the Apple menu, tap the System Preferences link.

Then, in the new window, click on the “Printers and Scanners” option. Add your HP Officejet 6950 wireless printers here by clicking the “+” sign.

Please select your printer carefully from the list of printers provided.

Congratulations, your printer is now connected to your Mac.

If you are still having problems connecting your HP Officejet Pro 6950 printer, we recommend that you contact our technicians.

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